The World's First Choose Your Own Adventure Variety Show

Up to an hour of comedy, live stunts and amazing skills all chosen by the audience. No two shows are ever the same!

Aji is the world's foremost collector of useless skills, and the best and most impressive of them all are on display when improv, stand-up comedy and circus sized stunts collide to create a show you'll never forget.

A world-class comedy experience, Aji was voted Best Stand up Juggler in 2010's SF Fringe Festival. His unique variety show is created on the spot with each audience. Drawing on hours of hilarious material, audiences choose which tricks, jokes, stunts and stories they want to see performed.

Whether it's juggling flaming knives, making music with juggling balls, or balancing atop a booby-trapped roll bola, Aji and his unique brand of kinetic comedy will leave your guests with something to talk about for years to come.

Ambient Entertainment is a performance that puts the excitement right in your guests' laps. Magic, juggling and "useless skills" combine to turn any cocktail party, conference, street fair or line at your convention booth into a one-of-a-kind comedy experience.

Close up magic and sleight of hand has been a staple of entertainment for decades, but never before has someone done close-up walk-around fun like Aji.

When he brings his bag of tricks, skills and improvisational comedy right into everyone's hands, it's sure to get everyone involved and laughing. Simple social games and tricks that everyone can learn in minutes make ambient entertainment the best social lubricant for your gathering. Nothing breaks the ice like joking and playing together.

You can put your faith in the nimble hands of an experienced professional entertainer and focus on more important matters, like your guests.

Several new medical studies recently proved what jugglers have known for years, that learning a challenging skill like juggling actually increases grey matter and forms new connections in the brain. That's something scientists previously thought impossible!

Aji has led workshops for schoolchildren, companies like Google, senior groups and more. His lively lessons have a proven track record for teaching people new skills, whether it's juggling, communicating and partnering, or laughing out loud together.

Workshops for juggling and other "useless skills" that challenge our brains to try new things are a wonderful way to build teamwork, motivate minds and keep creativity flowing. Don't be surprised if improved ideas start to flow after your session, it's science!

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